Cross Fact An Integrated Healthcare Database Database Research

We offer a range of services to support with database research.
We offer support with feasibility studies using databases, preparation of datasets for research, and other research support services in collaboratoin with other INTAGE Group companies and its partners.

< Our Research Databases >

  • Cross Fact Health Insurance Claims Database
    • Database based on employer-sponsored insurance claims (included over 7 million patients in Japan)*
      *Also includes dental insurance claims, but not organ transplant-related claims and patient commment fields.
    • Data accumulated since 2010
    • Ability to track treatment and medication on a per-patient basis
    • Excellent coverage including local (regional) areas
  • Cross Fact Pharmacy Claims Database
    • Pharmacy claims database that contains retail dispense records
    • Data accumulated since 2006
    • Quick / timely database updates
    • Prescribing for all age groups can be monitored
    • Includes information on the prescribing medical department

< The difference between Cross Fact and our previous databases >

Our company changed its name from Japan Medical Information Research Institute Inc. (JMIRI) to INTAGE Real World Inc. in July 2021.
JMIRI, the retail pharmacy claims database, and Medi-Scope, the health insurance claims database, managed by JMIRI have since been managed and operated under the name, Cross Fact - an integrated healthcare database.
In the future, we will provide the products as "Cross Fact Pharmacy Claims Database" and "Cross Fact Health Insurance Claims Database".





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